Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You want to improve your life, but there always seems to be so much to do
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time to create the life you want
  • You feel like you don’t have enough energy to create the life you want due to all the shit you “have” to do in life
  • You research how to make progress on your goals, but are overwhelmed by all the information out there (which all seem to contradict each other)
  • You have no idea on what to do next to make progress in your health, wealth, and relationships
  • You constantly chase the next quick fix out there, but none of that stuff really works. Eventually, you realize that the stuff you tried implement worked for the person that created it but not for you because you’re in a different place.
  • You feel like you need to do more shit faster and smarter in order to get the health, wealth, and relationships you want…but end up exhausted and overwhelmed
  • You feel confused and uncertain on how to create the life you desire
  • Life just feels so damn hard and it seems like you just can’t get it together.

I know these feelings all too well.

Table of Contents

  1. My Story
    1. Confidence Struggles
    2. Relationship Struggles
    3. Success Struggles
  2. My Philosophy
  3. Your Next Step

My Story

I have lived a life of struggle, stress, and confusion.

You know that saying “When one door closes, another door opens”?

My life felt more like “When one struggle is finished, then another struggle takes it place immediately”.

Confidence Struggles

When I was a child, I grew up in an emotionally abusive household where I felt I had to perform and achieve in order to be worthy of love. I was constantly told that I couldn’t do it on my own and that I had so many negative qualities. Consequently, this script of always feeling worthless and having to prove myself followed me into my 20’s.

I also suffered from being bullied for my appearance, my speech, and just who I was in general. A great deal of this bullying caused extreme anxiety in me to the point my entire body would tense up and make it difficult to sleep for days on end.

As a college student, I suffered from severe social anxiety. It was so severe that crossing the street, walking across campus, and even going up to someone and introducing myself was too much to bear. I spent 2 years of my college life going straight from class back to my dorm as a shut-in. I also thought I was absolutely repulsive to look at and would wear baggy clothes to cover up and hide my body.

I was ashamed of who I was and hated who I saw in the mirror.

Out of college, I struggled for years to get a solid footing in my career. I’d work 12-hr days for weeks on end in order to get ahead and would barely make enough money to pay for rent and food. Not to mention, I was fired twice from my first job out of college and was socially ostracized from my former coworkers.

At one point, I actually worked in Marketing at a pickup company and my conservative, Christian mother found out. She flew into a deep depression and rage at what I was doing (I had grown up in church as well). I was told I was going to hell, that she had failed as a mother, and that I should be careful about not getting AIDs (she said this spitefully). I was rejected by, mocked, and pushed away from my own mother. I also felt trapped, because I was still living at home at that time when this happened. I had to endure this for 9 straight months. The feeling of being utterly rejected by your own mother is an experience that is impossible to forget.

All these experiences made me feel I was defective to the core.

I eventually got everything I thought would make me confident:

  • I’ve dated tons of beautiful women
  • I’ve made good money and have gotten promoted continually in my tech career
  • I got a good physique where women would compliment me on my body

I thought my achievements would bring me happiness, peace, and fulfillment. But, they didn’t. Although I was successful and confident on the outside, I was still deeply insecure. I would constantly compare myself to other guys who were “better” than me in some way (i.e. money, physique, love lives). In fact, it was when I had everything I wanted where I started to suffer from high anxiety and panic attacks. I would find my entire body tensing up for days on ends to the point it was difficult to sleep. I’d have panic attacks where it would feel like I was suffocating, losing my mind, forgetting how to breathe, and forgetting how to speak.

I was using my successes to cope with this deep rejection I had for myself and still didn’t have peace.

Relationship Struggles

Relationships were another area I greatly struggled with.


I was clueless with women for around 24 years of my life.

Throughout my teenage and young adult years, I was always viewed as the:

  • the nice guy
  • a “friend” (*dagger through the heart)
  • “don’t worry the right girl will come along” guy

Basically, women didn’t want me. This was incredibly frustrating because it seemed like I could never quite “figure out” why women went for other men except me. The women I wanted didn’t want me, and the few women that did like me were often not my type.

After having to sort through how I felt I was going to hell due to my desire to have sex with women (I grew up Christian), I decided I wanted to sleep with as many women as possible. Part of this was due to the fact I’m a man, but I didn’t realize how I felt like I needed this to feel like I was a man and good enough.

I started to research how to “get good” with women and eventually dealt with all of the following issues:

  • not being able to approach the women I wanted to approach because I was too scared
  • approaching thousands of women with most of them ending in rejection
  • women turning their backs on me, sneering, looking at me with disgust when I tried to talk to them
  • not knowing how to continue a conversation
  • finally being able to hold a conversation…but having the woman still view me as a “friend” and not someone she’d like to date
  • not being able to get a girl’s number / contact details
  • finally being able to get a girls’ number / contact details…but never having her respond to my texts
  • having a girl give me her number and text me back…but never going on a date with me
  • finally being able to get girls on dates…but her telling me she wasn’t interested by the end of the first date
  • never being able to get girls on a second date
  • not being able to have the sex life I wanted
  • finally being able to have “mini-relationships” with girls that’d last weeks/months before it’d eventually implode on itself
  • not being able to get a girlfriend
  • finally being able to get a girlfriend…but the relationship would be filled with drama, fights, shady shit, and with me being walked all over because I was a doormat and was scared I couldn’t find another girlfriend

Need I say more?

Platonic Relationships

I was an absolute doormat and people-pleaser to the people around me. Ever since I was a child, I didn’t believe in my worth and felt I had to do shit for others in order to be liked.

People could sense my low self-worth.

I had to endure people:

  • walking over me
  • making me the butt of their jokes
  • trying to take advantage of my kindness

For years, I tried to act like everything was fine and that I wasn’t bothered by their jokes/jabs. Yet, this was the state I lived in:

  • Absolute anger and fury at the people who made me feel insecure. I’d often imagine myself trampling them in social situations and being so much richer, stronger, and more powerful than them and shoving that in their face (of course I didn’t dare stand up for myself in real-life).
  • I’d make myself numb through self-medicating habits because there were times I wasn’t able to fully feel and process all the emotions I was going through. Overeating & sex (and by that I mean porn) were my constant companions.
  • Extreme anxiety at the thought of having to be around these people again and what they would say/do to make fun of me.
  • Fear of losing the people around me because I didn’t know when I could find another group of friends due to me not feeling like no one really cared for me.

Unsurprisingly, I found it difficult to make friends. I remember seeing everyone attending their undergraduate graduation ceremony with their friends, while I was all by myself. That experience really stung.

Success Struggles

Getting what I wanted in my career, business, relationships, physical health, and emotional health took years of struggle. It was especially tough since I basically started at ground zero in all these areas and had to work on all of them in parallel.

I always seemed to be in the following state:

  • Complete and utter confusion over what to do to get what I wanted: I was paralyzed by overanalyzing all the information out there, felt trapped in my mind, and often times would stall with inaction.
  • Slow Progress: When I took action, I would work incredibly hard but progress usually was very incremental.
  • Shiny object syndrome: I’d constantly wonder if there was a faster way to achieve all of what I wanted in life and would try out different techniques/courses/frameworks. Some of it helped, but most of it was a waste of time and then I’d beat myself up for wasting time with a supposed quick fix.
  • Exhaustion: I was exhausted due to working on everything at once.
  • Self-doubt: I’d constantly consider making trade-offs with other areas of my life (i.e. foregoing my love life to focus on career), but the idea of focusing on 1-2 main areas of my life while foregoing another incredibly important area of my life made me feel like I was depriving myself of living.

Due to the above, I felt stuck especially since I was fighting a battle on all fronts of my life.

I wanted to cry so many times because I felt like I was giving it 110% but things just weren’t going my way. I wondered why life was this hard. You know that feeling of not catching a break? That’s how I felt the majority of the time.

I would also burn red-hot with jealousy when I’d see my friends I knew making more money and enjoying their lives while seeming not to work as hard. I was so resentful why life seemed so unfair.

After having years to reflect on my struggles and triumphs, I realize this truth on why it was so hard to get what I wanted in life at the speed I wanted: I was burdened by emotional, mental, physical blockages that stopped me from playing at 100%. 

Emotional blockages

  • I always felt insecure and doubted myself
  • I would constantly second-guess myself
  • I was filled with fear (fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being good enough, fear of losing it all, fear of being a fraud…)
  • I was overwhelmed with panic and anxiety
  • I never felt like I was good enough
  • I was never at peace with myself
  • I always felt like I was wasting time and not making progress fast enough (basically i was too hard on myself). This would make me put even more pressure and stress on myself, which led to me getting even more confused and frustrated about how to solve my problems
  • and more…

Mental blockages

  • I spent too much time intellectualizing and trying to figure out my problems, without actually doing anything
  • I was overwhelmed with how every piece of advice always seemed to contradict each other. I would try to figure it out, but nothing made sense. When I did happen to figure things out intellectually, it usually had little impact on my actual results.
  • I only approached things logically (which isn’t enough to solve really fucking big problems)
  • Most of the time I didn’t know what my real problems were and would take forever to finding out what they really were (I was usually too stubborn + shy to ask others for help)
  • I didn’t know how to solve my problems (efficiently and effectively) and spent years flailing around trying tactic after tactic with very little results.

Physical blockages

  • I was constantly exhausted
  • I was always stressed out and tired
  • I walked through each day in a daze and feeling numb / dissociated
  • I had blood sugar issues where:
    • my temperature would fluctuate (as if I were having hot/cold flashes)
    • my body would ache all the time
    • I rarely got a good night’s sleep
    • I felt weak and thirsty all the time
    • My limbs would fall asleep (due to poor blood circulation) constantly
  • I was always injuring myself when working out and lifting weights

The end result was always living in a state of stress, anxiety, and confusion where life felt like a grind.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple:

  • Everyone has the innate wisdom & power to create the life they want
  • This wisdom & power is unleashed when you shed the blockages that have been keeping you prisoner because now you can play at 100%.
  • When you unleash that wisdom & power, it is a lot easier to create the life you desire instead of hustling and grinding (which is another form of suffering) because the answers are custom-tailored for you to do the right thing at the right time and come from your most powerful self. 

Your Next Step

If any of this resonates with you, then I challenge you to take the next step to leveling up your life.

So, what do you do next?

Let’s get on the phone. I’ll spend up to 2 hours with you (no charge) to get you a breakthrough on exactly how you can create better relationships, solid confidence, and more success in your life.

Submit your request for a call here. 

I want you to know that you can do it and you have the power to create the life of your dreams.

In your corner,